How Do You Stay Ahead of Marketing Trends in Your Industry?


    How Do You Stay Ahead of Marketing Trends in Your Industry?

    In the fast-paced world of marketing, staying ahead of trends is crucial. We've gathered insights from Founders and CEOs, tapping into their strategies for keeping their fingers on the pulse. From combining data insights with continuous learning to joining subreddits for expert knowledge, here are the top twelve methods they recommend for staying ahead in advertising.

    • Combine Data Insights with Continuous Learning
    • Attend Conferences and Engage Online
    • Network with Industry Experts and Influencers
    • Utilize Analytics for Trend Prediction
    • Participate Actively in Industry Events
    • Blend Learning with Strategic Forecasting
    • Borrow Strategies from Other Sectors
    • Adapt Quickly to Emerging Data
    • Monitor Competitors for Trend Insights
    • Conduct Opposition Research Weekly
    • Employ Cross-Industry Pollination Tactics
    • Join Subreddits for Expert Knowledge

    Combine Data Insights with Continuous Learning

    Staying ahead of marketing trends is critical, and I find that a combination of data-driven insights and continuous learning is highly effective. We invest in sophisticated analytics tools to track online consumer behaviors, enabling us to anticipate trends before they hit the mainstream. This proactive approach helps us tailor our strategies to keep our clients competitive.

    Continual education plays a crucial role in our strategy as well. The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, so our team consistently engages in workshops, webinars, and industry conferences. We also maintain subscriptions to leading publications and participate actively in online forums dedicated to the latest in marketing technology and strategies.

    Sam Kadel
    Sam KadelFounder, KBA Web

    Attend Conferences and Engage Online

    One method that helps keep me ahead in the marketing game is attending industry conferences and webinars. I know this is easier said than done, but there's so much value in these events.

    A few years back, I went to the Voice Search Summit in New York. Listening to the talks and chatting with other marketers in person gave me insights into new strategies and tools that most folks hadn’t even heard of yet.

    I also keep tabs on many marketers on LinkedIn and via newsletters, and am active in several online communities on Discord and on Skool. These places are full of great people who dish out real-time updates and insights that are pure gold for staying current and keeping things fresh in our fast-paced industry.

    Ben Poulton
    Ben PoultonFounder, Intellar SEO Consultancy

    Network with Industry Experts and Influencers

    Be social. A lot of marketers get so wrapped up in their daily routine and workload that they forget to engage with experts and get insights.

    Being social with experts and influencers in your industry is a good idea for marketers on many different levels. It keeps you up to date on the latest trends and thought leadership, and it's a good way to elevate your brand as well by taking part in the conversation.

    Anand Ramchandran
    Anand RamchandranMarketing Strategist, Mapsted

    Utilize Analytics for Trend Prediction

    Personally, I rely heavily on analytics to stay current with marketing trends in the manufacturing industry. From my experience, analytics is one of the most effective tools for monitoring current trends and predicting future ones. It provides crucial insights into the performance of our marketing campaigns, guiding where and how to adjust our strategies.

    For example, tasks like keyword research in manufacturing have become much more efficient thanks to AI-powered analytics. These tools provide data on search volume, keyword difficulty, and even identify keyword gaps, pinpointing where our focus should be. We can see which pages are performing best, which allows us to allocate resources in a way that maximizes our return on investment. If there's one thing that's essential for becoming a leader in the industry, it's diligently tracking your marketing analytics.

    Alex LaDouceur
    Alex LaDouceurCo-Founder, Webineering

    Participate Actively in Industry Events

    One effective method I've found for staying ahead of marketing trends in my industry is active participation in industry conferences and events. Attending conferences allows me to immerse myself in the latest developments, emerging technologies, and innovative strategies that shape the marketing landscape. Networking with industry peers, thought leaders, and experts provides valuable insights into upcoming trends, best practices, and successful case studies.

    Additionally, attending keynote sessions, workshops, and panel discussions offers opportunities to gain diverse perspectives and deepen my understanding of evolving consumer behaviors and market dynamics. By staying informed about cutting-edge tools, methodologies, and industry benchmarks shared at these events, I can proactively adapt strategies, anticipate market shifts, and implement innovative approaches to effectively meet the evolving needs of our target audience and stay ahead of competitors in our fast-paced industry.

    Rebecca Xing
    Rebecca XingCEO, Trustana

    Blend Learning with Strategic Forecasting

    Staying ahead in marketing, especially within tech and cybersecurity, requires a keen eye on emerging technologies and consumer behaviors. My approach involves a blend of continuous learning and strategic forecasting. Regularly participating in tech forums and analyzing trends in user data helps me anticipate shifts in consumer preferences. This proactive stance allows us to adjust our strategies at TROYPOINT swiftly, ensuring we remain relevant and effective in our promotional efforts.

    Tyler Hall
    Tyler HallDeveloper, TROYPOINT

    Borrow Strategies from Other Sectors

    To truly stay ahead of trends in your industry, it's likely you'll have to look outside your sector. A little counterintuitive, maybe, but unless you're in a cutting-edge niche, trends aren't reaching you as quickly as they do other sectors.

    For example, I'm a recruiter, and that's not an industry known for pushing the envelope. But since my specialty is tech, my advertising strategy needs to be advanced, or else I risk missing out on top talent and big clients who are used to progressive ideas and outside-the-box concepts.

    So, I look to other industries. For example, fashion. It's a sector where innovation counts, and that means marketing strategies there are usually as forward-thinking as the clothes themselves. Years ago, I noticed that my favorite sneaker company had replaced their catalog shots with videos, and that was a harbinger of things to come. Now, the format dominates nearly every aspect of advertising. It was the same with social media and influencers. Clothing companies were some of the first to engage with their customers heavily on apps and spread partnerships widely.

    By borrowing these strategies and adapting them for my industry, I've been able to stay ahead and embrace trends before they reach my competitors.

    Rob Reeves
    Rob ReevesCEO and President, Redfish Technology

    Adapt Quickly to Emerging Data

    Staying ahead of marketing trends is a bit like surfing—you've got to catch the wave before it breaks. One method that's worked wonders for us at LeadStacker is to keep a close eye on emerging data and adapt quickly. We regularly analyze trends on Facebook and Google Ads, tweaking our strategies based on what's gaining traction. It's like a never-ending game of digital chess, and I have to admit, it's pretty exhilarating when you make the right move and see those conversions skyrocket. By being proactive and flexible, we ensure we're always riding the wave, not getting wiped out by it.

    Phil Laboon
    Phil LaboonCEO, Leadstacker

    Monitor Competitors for Trend Insights

    I conduct competitor research, which involves monitoring their social media accounts, setting up Google Alerts, using tools like SEMrush, and closely observing their website for promotions and aesthetics. This allows me to stay ahead of anything that's popular, effective, and trending. For over 20 years, it's led to a great deal of success in my own business.

    Tammy Sons
    Tammy SonsFounder/CEO, TN Nursery

    Conduct Opposition Research Weekly

    We take the time to pay careful attention to how our competitors market themselves. Everyone on our marketing team spends at least a few hours a week specifically doing opposition research on an assigned company, looking for their ads and social media posts, visiting their websites, signing up for their marketing emails, and interacting with their chatbots. This gives us a clear sense of where our competitors are heading. Whether we follow them or go our own way is another story, but it's a great way to make good use of our competitors' research efforts.

    Nick Valentino
    Nick ValentinoVP of Market Operations, Bellhop

    Employ Cross-Industry Pollination Tactics

    One way I like to stay on top of marketing trends in the sportswear industry is through cross-industry pollination. By looking at what’s working in other industries and bringing those strategies into our own marketing, I can introduce fresh ideas and approaches to our campaigns.

    For example, the tech industry’s focus on user experience and personalization has inspired us to tailor our customer interactions and product recommendations, and we’ve seen a huge uplift in engagement and sales. Cross-industry pollination keeps our strategies fresh and means we’re always one step ahead of the curve, constantly evolving and adapting to new marketing landscapes.

    Jay Barton
    Jay BartonCEO & Founder, ASRV

    Join Subreddits for Expert Knowledge

    I've joined a number of subreddits that fall within marketing. This way, I'm able to leverage esoteric knowledge from experts in their field on things like SEO, ad ops, and display advertising, which in aggregate gives me a great advantage when it comes to staying abreast of marketing trends.

    Marc Bromhall
    Marc BromhallFounder, Chiropractor Hub