What Are Challenges in Executing Cross-Platform Advertising Campaigns?


    What Are Challenges in Executing Cross-Platform Advertising Campaigns?

    When orchestrating a cross-platform advertising campaign, even seasoned professionals encounter hurdles. We've gathered insights from advertisers and marketing managers on the unexpected challenges they've faced, ranging from optimizing budget allocation to using sales data for attribution insights. Here are four firsthand accounts of overcoming these obstacles.

    • Optimize Budget Allocation with Data Analytics
    • Navigate Music Licensing for Compliance
    • Implement Unified Tracking Systems
    • Use Sales Data for Attribution Insights

    Optimize Budget Allocation with Data Analytics

    A key challenge in performance marketing is balancing ad spend across multiple platforms while maximizing ROI. I tackled this by diving deep into data analytics, understanding each platform's unique audience behavior and conversion potential. This granular approach led to smarter budget allocation, enhancing campaign effectiveness and driving substantial growth. It's a testament to how targeted, data-driven strategies can transform cross-platform advertising into a powerful tool for growth.

    Daksh JunejaAdvertiser, Avignyata

    Navigate Music Licensing for Compliance

    Navigating music permissions can be challenging during a cross-platform advertising campaign. Instagram and TikTok's varying music licensing requirements can hinder efficient cross-posting. To overcome this, you must have a curated library of royalty-free tracks and employ licensed music solutions, ensuring compliance. Another solution could be attaining direct collaborations with artists for exclusive content. However, for small teams with a low budget, I have found that using the original audio of the video clips can be just as effective. In fact, it provides an authenticity that our audience appreciates!

    Ryan Sullivan
    Ryan SullivanMarketing Manager, Stay22

    Implement Unified Tracking Systems

    I personally encountered an unexpected challenge linked to inconsistent performance metrics across different platforms. To tackle this issue, I took the initiative to implement a unified tracking and analytics system. From my perspective, it was crucial to establish a standardized measurement framework capable of capturing and consolidating data from diverse platforms. Within our team, we conducted thorough testing under my guidance to identify and address any performance discrepancies. This method not only offered a comprehensive assessment of campaign effectiveness but also empowered us to make informed adjustments, ensuring a more seamless and successful cross-platform advertising strategy based on my expertise and insights.

    Farah Kim
    Farah KimHead of Marketing, Winpure

    Use Sales Data for Attribution Insights

    Experience trumps everything. Over the years, we've had clients question conversion tracking and attribution results, so we created a way to ensure the business grows even if they don't have $100k+ for elaborate attribution systems. We look at the source of truth sales across the enterprise to determine if the business is growing over time. By looking at these results daily, we see the connection between advertising optimizations and increases in sales. Over time, we know when to double down on specific channels, cut others, and understand how one channel impacts another in the consumer journey.

    Robert Brill
    Robert BrillCEO, Brill Media